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Laser hair removal is not only a way to remove unwanted hair


Laser hair removal is not only a way to remove unwanted hair but also compromises indoor air quality, which can pose a risk for clinicians.

Laser hair removal is third in non-invasive (doesn't damage the skin) medical procedures.

A laser can be used to achieve smooth, hairless skin. It emits a powerful beam of light that passes through the area. The shafts are significantly damaged by the intense heat generated by the laser because the dark pigment in the hair absorbs the light's heat.

Extreme high temperatures injure the hair follicles without causing any damage to the surrounding skin. This impairs their ability to regrow. Later, the follicles that were damaged will fall out. This is a win-win situation for the patient. What about the doctor performing laser hair removal? It's not so.

To make laser hair removal effective, it is necessary to perform the thermal destruction (the "burning hair") phase. This produces a smoke byproduct, commonly known as a surgical plume. It has been shown to contain many toxins and carcinogens.

This plume is only exposed to patients during treatment. Clinicians are exposed every day of the week, regardless of when they work.

The Journal of The American Medical Association published last year a study about the health effects of laser hair removal. Due to the many VOCs (volatile Organic compounds) that are released during laser hair removal, the plume of laser hair should be considered a health hazard. These findings revealed specific health risks from laser hair removal surgical fumes.

Many of the compounds in surgical plumes can be harmful when they are exposed. The 377 chemical compounds in the JAMA study include carbon monoxide, polyaromatic Hydrocarbons, and other toxic substances. 20 of these are known environmental toxins including toluene (a known carcinogen) and benzene.

According to the National Institutes of Health, acute exposure is associated with reduced breathing function and heart rate, and lung and upper respiratory inflammation. Myocardial infarctions can be a possibility for some patients. However, adverse health effects are rare in otherwise healthy patients.

However, this is not true for those who are exposed to the plume of laser hair removal. These workers are exposed to laser hair removal plumes for long periods.

The long-term outlook is good for workers in laser hair removal. According to the JAMA study, indoor air quality management can improve environmental conditions for specialists in laser hair removal.

The NIH recommends that patients not perform procedures in areas with poor ventilation. It also suggests that they wear personal protective gear. As with all laser-inducing procedures, smoke evacuation systems must be used.

Air Systems Inc is a company that provides indoor air quality management solutions and outstanding IAQ products to laser hair removal customers. Air Systems Inc's air purification systems make it easy to breathe clean and safe air.


While you are likely to pay close attention to the needs of your skin when was the last time that your armpits were given some TLC? This area of skin is extremely sensitive and often neglected. It can be difficult to take care of if you don't know the right steps. Learn how to treat a range of issues in the armpit, including hair removal and discoloration.

Hair Removal

There are many options for removing unwanted hair from your armpits. However, it's possible to go down a number of routes. It's also possible to leave your hair where it is. If done correctly, shaving removes unwanted hair and prevents ingrown hairs. Keep in mind that the hair under your arms may grow in different directions so you might need to shave in more than one direction.

To get smooth results, exfoliate the skin gently before you start shaving. You can use a Body Scrub (or your loofah) to do this. Exfoliation is important to prevent underarm odor. For a close, comfortable shave, make sure you use a new blade when you are ready to shave.

Waxing can also be very effective in removing armpit hair. The results can last for weeks, instead of just days. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional wax artist to get rid of the daily stubble. A laser is another option that can be used long-term. Although it can be expensive, six to ten sessions will make your underarms feel soft and smooth. Do your researches before you make this decision?


If you are concerned about body odor, there are several steps you can take. First, make sure you wash your clothes regularly and use an antiperspirant such as the Native Oat Milk Latte Deodorant. This unique scent is ideal for fall. It also contains coconut oil, shea butter, and shea butter to provide a soft, smooth feeling that protects against sweat and odor. To avoid irritation and rashes, wait for at least 10 minutes after shaving before applying deodorant.

A few factors can cause hyperpigmentation under the arms, excessive darkening, or other changes to the skin. Overexposure can cause brown-colored pigment to be produced. Hormonal changes and allergic reactions can also play a role. Because the underarm hair is just below your skin's surface, it tends to look like a shadow. If you are concerned about the shadow, waxing may be an option.

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