Dry legs, dry skin, and growing hair can make silky smooth legs seem magical. If you have the right knowledge, hair removal can be simple, quick, and effective. These are the top tips and tricks to help you choose the right method for you.

Man konnte splissige Haare als sanften Appell verstehen, dass der nachste Friseurbesuch ansteht. Aber mal ehrlich: wer mit Apps & Co so gut organisiert ist, kann auf die Erinnerung von Mutter Natur verzichten. Also was tun bei Spliss und vor allem, was hilft wirklich gegen Spliss? Wir geben hier nutzliche Tipps gegen Spliss im Haar, wenn er einmal da ist, und sagen dir, wie du mit guter Pflege und entsprechenden Produkten, Spliss vermeiden kannst.



Shaving is a classic method for removing hair from the legs. Why? Because it is easy to do in the shower. Because your legs hairs will grow back within a few days, you need to shave your legs regularly. This can cause irritation and skin reddening.

You can use an electric razor such as the SatinShave Advanced Ladyshave by Philips to keep your legs smooth and protect your skin against skin irritations and scratches. The flexible foil adapts perfectly to your legs thanks to its flexibility. It ensures close skin contact and gentle shaving. It is your choice whether you want to use it in a bathtub or dry.

Tips: For smoother results, make sure the razor is in direct contact with your skin. Slowly work from the ankle to the knee in order to stimulate hair growth. For silky smooth legs, you don't need to use shaving cream with an electric razor like the SatinShave Advanced. However, a mild lotion that moisturizes your skin can help regenerate it after hair removal.



These are the three ways to remove leg hairs from the root. New roots must be formed before new hair can grow. This means smooth legs for two to three weeks without any stubble. The fun doesn't last forever as sugar paste and wax are directly applied to the skin. This can cause damage to the upper skin layer during hair removal.

Epilation is a gentler option for hair removal on the legs. The Satinelle Prestige Epilator, for instance, pulls out your hair with ceramic discs that protect the skin. This makes epilating easier. You can get flawlessly smooth legs with the integrated SkinStretcher attachment. It allows you to stretch your skin while you epilate.


TIPS: Take a warm shower before epilating to make it even more enjoyable. You can also use the Satinelle Prestige exfoliation brush to calm and cleanse your skin before you begin epilating. The best results will be achieved if your hair is shorter than 4 millimeters. Wet the skin gently against hair growth. You can soothe your skin with the Satinelle Prestige massage head.

Dry legs, dry skin, and growing hair can make silky smooth legs seem magical. If you have the right knowledge, hair removal can be simple, quick, and

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