How to remove facial hair from your upper lip, chin, and cheeks

young woman receiving facial epilation

Picture this: On a warm August night, you are curling your eyelashes with Dior mascara. Then, as you gaze into the magnifying lens, you realize that you have a large, curly, dense, dark hair sticking out your left nostril.

I did the right thing that every doctor advises: I grabbed my Tweezerman and got to work. I yanked out the stubborn little beast while my eyes were watering. It had been there for how long? Who has seen it, but not said anything about it? Are you preparing for a troubled, messy, unruly, and hairy marriage?

The thorny topic of facial hair in women is now. The decision about how to approach it and what to do about it is yours. Unwanted male-pattern hair growth in the legs, back, and other areas of women is a separate issue.

Some are more confident when it comes down to the face. Some choose to ignore. Some people ignore it. And others don't know what they should do. We consulted top derms to find out why these unwanted strands appear, most often in older women or after giving birth.

Most women believe it is age-related. The hormonal shift occurs years before menopause but speeds up during menopause. Women with certain tumors and endocrine disorders may also experience these hormonal changes. They can also cause hair loss in women of any age. These women should see a doctor.

Close-up: A beautician gives epilation laser treatment to a woman's skin

Tips for Safe and Secure Self-Tan

Women age faster and their estrogen levels fall. Testosterone causes us to plant shrubbery wherever men have it, particularly on our faces.

Because female hormones decrease with age and male hormone levels remain stable, hair follicles in male hair distribution react to the greater amounts of male hormone. They grow hair in the beard region and lose it on their scalp, just as men do as they age.

The chin and cheeks are the most common areas where hairs can be found. Although laser hair removal can be done with great success, it is not as effective as threading or waxing. A laser heats the hair and destroys it. According to the FDA, medical electrolysis devices use a shortwave radio frequency to destroy hair growth. The hair is then taken out.

A laser is the most effective method to get rid of unwanted hair on the nose and chin. The only treatment that permanently eliminates unwanted hair is a laser. A numbing cream can be applied for 30 minutes to make the procedure comfortable and painless.

But you might think that every drugstore is filled with creams promising hairless glory in a matter of minutes. Yes, but. But, you know. The only over-the-counter option is depilatories. They break down the chemical bond between hair follicles and make them weak enough for them to rub off. Depilatory creams, gels, and gels can cause irritation to delicate skin so be careful.

A young woman takes off her mustache by using a hairdryer

I'm a friend of a friend who uses a shaver to cut their faces. However, doctors tell me it is an easy way to get the results you want.

While shaving is the safest, it's also less efficient as it has to be repeated often and is considered unfeminine. Many women are against this idea. You should note that shaving does NOT make the hairs thicker or coarser. Electrolysis is a time-intensive process that can sometimes leave scarring. A laser is the best method to remove hair.

There are many home devices that can zap unwanted hairs. However, you should not pull them out, especially if it is hairs that are inside your schnoz. It can spread bacteria that are normally found inside your nose.

Keep shaving or opt for permanent hair removal solutions like electrolysis and laser.

Vaniqa, which is available on prescription, is an alternative to Gillette. It is a product for women who don't want to have hair. It slows down hair growth in affected areas. It must be used for several months before any significant results are seen. It is not a permanent solution.

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