home care managing the care of your loved ones

Different types of home health care services

What are the various types of home care services?

There are many home care services that a patient can access at their own home. Care can vary depending on the patient's needs. It could include nursing care or specialized medical services like laboratory workups. Your doctor and you will decide the care plan and services that you need at home. Services that are available at-home may include:

Doctor care

To diagnose and treat an illness, a doctor can visit the patient at home. The doctor may also visit the patient at home to assess their health and care needs.

Nursing care

Most people require some form of nursing care. A registered nurse will create a care plan after consultation with the doctor. Nursing care can include intravenous therapy, wound dressing, ostomy, intravenous therapy, medication administration, monitoring the patient's general health, pain control, and other support.

home care managing the care of your loved ones

Speech, occupational, or physical therapy

Patients may require assistance in relearning daily tasks or improving their speech skills after an injury or illness. A physical therapist can help patients regain or strengthen their muscles and joints. An occupational therapist can help patients with developmental, physical, or emotional disabilities learn how to do daily tasks such as dressing, eating, and bathing. A speech therapist can help patients with impaired speech regain their ability to communicate clearly.

Medical social service

The patient's medical social worker provides a variety of services, including counseling and the locating of community resources that can help with recovery. If the patient has complex medical needs, a social worker can also act as the patient's case manager.

Care from your home health aides

Home health aides are trained to assist patients with their basic needs, such as dressing, getting up, bathing, and walking. Under the guidance of a nurse, some aides have been trained to provide more specialized care.

Basic assistance or Homemaker

A homemaker, or someone who assists with household chores, can take care of a patient while they are being taken to the hospital.

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For some patients, a companion may be necessary to provide support and supervision. A companion may also be able to perform household chores.

Volunteer Care

Volunteers from local organizations can offer basic comfort by providing companionship, personal care, transportation, emotional support, and/or assistance with paperwork.

home care managing the care of your loved ones

Nutritional assistance

A dietitian can visit a patient's house to conduct dietary assessments and provide guidance to help with the treatment plan.

Laboratory and Xray imaging

Some laboratory tests such as blood or urine can be done at home. Portable X-ray machines also allow lab technicians to perform the service at their homes.

Pharmaceutical services

Home delivery of medicine and medical equipment is possible. Training can be provided to the patient on how to use the equipment and medicines, as well as intravenous therapy, if necessary.


Many companies offer transportation services to patients who need to travel to or from a medical facility to receive treatment or for physical examinations.

Home-delivered meals

Many communities offer Meals-on-Wheels to those who can't cook at home. Hot meals may be delivered multiple times per week depending on the individual's needs.

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There are many home care services that a patient can access at their own home. Care can vary depending on the patient's needs.

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